Everything in moderation

Everything in moderation

“Eat healthily.” “Have a balanced meal.” “Your diet should be varied.” These are just a few examples of the advice we hear over and over again in our media and society. We are all taking a more conscious approach to life and living a healthy lifestyle is a large part of that. Especially now that the new Belgian Food Pyramid places a stronger emphasis on food groups that contain healthy nutrients, such as fruit and vegetables.

So is it possible to barbecue without brazenly ignoring all this well-meaning advice? Don’t worry! It’s perfectly possible to enjoy a delicious barbecued meal with lots of variety and healthy options.

Follow these specific pointers:


Many people strongly believe that a barbecue must include meat. After all, what’s more impressive than a sizzling slab of entrecôte? There’s nothing wrong with this per se — we love meat as much as the next guy — but why not offer some delicious alternatives such as salmon, grilled vegetables or some pieces of cheese?

  • MIX  & MATCH

Variety is the key to a balanced meal. This rule also applies when barbecuing. Serve a fresh summer salad as a side dish or offer a variety of grilled vegetables. Mix & match to give your guests a diverse menu of options. Don’t overdo the portion sizes; bigger isn’t always better.


A big buffet spread is an impressive sight. But it doesn’t always have to be go big or go home. It’s better to offer one quality product than to buy every type of meat under the sun.

Want to eat healthily? Find a seat at the table and enjoy a delicious barbecued meal! With these tips, you’ll have everyone’s mouths watering!

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